Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith joined TEL in 2024 with over 15 years’ experience as a finance and accounting leader with a passion for driving business value through a continuous improvement mindset and people leadership. She is focused on building relationships with all stakeholders to ensure the finance and accounting function is serving the business every step of […]

David Gernhard

David Gernhard joined TEL in 2020 and is focused on supporting the growth of TEL and its customers through accurate and timely risk assessment and credit management practices.  He works on developing systems and leading teams to understand our customers, identify and manage risks, and support the next generation of transportation entrepreneurs.   A personal […]

Jacob Brazier

Jacob Brazier

Jacob Brazier joined TEL in 2012 and has essentially grown up in the transportation industry, coming from a family that grew and sold a trucking company. He focuses on understanding customers’ business models and how equipment costs affect transportation businesses in different ways. A personal goal to help family-owned-and-operated trucking companies become more successful Jacob […]

Brandon Lairsen

Brandon Lairsen

Brandon Lairsen joined TEL in 2022 as Vice President of Trailer Leasing. His focus is to develop TEL’s trailer leasing program into a premier standalone service. For much of the company’s history, trailer leasing has succeeded as a companion service to truck leasing. A personal goal to always be straightforward and clear Brandon sees the […]

Aaron Thompson

Aaron Thompson joined TEL in 2020 as Vice President of Maintenance. He focuses on building the best possible support system for small fleets and owner-operators, so they get the right repairs completed at the right price as quickly as possible. A personal goal to help transportation professionals serve their customers well Aaron sees the opportunity at […]

Jeff Berger

Jeff Berger joined TEL in 2019 with more than 30 years of experience in transportation-related industries, including software, dealerships, leasing, and brokerage. Jeff is currently responsible for all operational technology and software development activities at TEL. His team has built a multi-cloud, secure business solution that is able to grow along with the company. A personal goal to […]

Victor Duggard

Victor Duggard joined TEL in 2017 with experience in the transportation industry dating back to when he was 19 years old, loading and unloading trucks. Victor oversees TEL’s treasury, banking relationships, agreements, negotiations, accounting functions, budgeting, auditing, HR, and collections. A personal goal to solve customers’ biggest challenges Victor’s experience in transportation and background in […]

Sheri Aaberg

Sheri Aaberg joined TEL in 2014 with a wealth of industry experience and a goal of improving operational efficiency throughout the organization. Sheri leads TEL’s operations, corporate development, continuous improvement, employee development, and succession planning initiatives. A personal goal to elevate the business from top to bottom Sheri sees a direct connection between talent development and business growth. In […]

Jud Alexander

Jud Alexander co-founded TEL in 2004 and serves as the company’s President, overseeing its revenue and support divisions. He stays very involved in all aspects of sales. A personal goal to build a business on value, service, and a strong reputation Prior to founding TEL in 2004, Jud and Doug Carmichael were working together at […]

Doug Carmichael

Doug Carmichael co-founded TEL in 2004 and serves as the company’s CEO, leading the executive team to establish key company initiatives and ensure the next level of managers are aligned in accomplishing the company’s mission. Doug focuses on reviewing each area of the business to assess performance and look for ways to innovate. A personal […]