Brandon Lairsen

Brandon Lairsen

Vice President, Trailer Leasing

Brandon Lairsen joined TEL in 2022 as Vice President of Trailer Leasing. His focus is to develop TEL’s trailer leasing program into a premier standalone service. For much of the company’s history, trailer leasing has succeeded as a companion service to truck leasing.

A personal goal to always be straightforward and clear

Brandon sees the unique opportunity at TEL to use his experience in trailer leasing to scale this division of the business. TEL is positioned for success with healthy financial backing, strong executive sponsorship, and the ability to compete with anyone in the industry as a value-added provider.

Brandon believes service-based businesses in the transportation industry are known (in a bad way) for looking for every possible way to charge customers (repairs, mileage charges, damage rebills, etc.). With TEL, he values the company’s commitment to providing top-quality service with straightforward pricing (and no surprise charges). In his words, “TEL delivers exactly what customers believe a trailer leasing experience should be – a better way to get the equipment they need.”

Brandon Lairsen background and personal notes:

Brandon graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in public relations. He is married to his college sweetheart, and they have two teenage children. He enjoys spending time at the lake, fishing, hunting, and playing golf. Brandon also gives back to the community through Lighthouse Family Retreat by sponsoring a paid beach vacation for a family that has a child with cancer and serving the family during the trip.