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Enhance your quality of life with top compensation and financial benefits.

Promote a healthy work/life balance with our exceptional benefits.

Inspiring engagement and growth in your TEL career with exclusive perks.

Secure your future with robust retirement benefits.

We are dedicated to enhancing your quality of life with our top compensation and financial benefits, promoting a healthy work/life balance through exceptional perks, fostering growth and enjoyment in your TEL career with exclusive benefits, and ensuring a secure future with robust retirement benefits.

TEL Culture – 5 Core Values

Career growth is in your future when you explore the open positions available at Transport Enterprise Leasing. Our team is expanding, and we’re looking for passionate individuals who thrive in high-impact roles.

Why choose TEL? Our opportunities for career advancement say it all.

TEL is a faith-based business that operates according to five core values.

Core Values


Integrity is the internal quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. The expectation at TEL is that every person serves their customers (outside the company and inside the company) with integrity.


Respect is the external expression of holding others in high regard. The expectation at TEL is that every person displays empathy and understanding and treats all others with respect.


Loyalty is the strong feeling of allegiance. TEL displays loyalty to all employees by creating compensation, benefits, and programs intended to provide a high quality of life and promote a healthy work/life balance.


Support is the material assistance provided from one to another. TEL invests in technology, tools, compensation, staff support, and training to support employees in their pursuit of success.


Innovation is a new method, idea, or product. TEL places a major focus on continuous improvement. We seek to challenge why things are done a certain way and to refine services and processes in order to achieve innovation.

Does the TEL Mission and Vision Inspire You?


Provide innovative solutions by delivering unparalleled value and world-class service and support.


To be a dynamic incubator of next-generation transportation entrepreneurs.

Your Opportunity

We are looking for world-class talent that provides world-class customer service. There is no greater asset to our company than having the right person in the right position at the right time.

At TEL, we empower you to drive your career forward. From a clear career progression framework to continuous skill development with industry-leading tools and training, your potential is our priority.

If you’re excellent with numbers, apply for our finance job openings! If numbers aren’t your thing, that’s no problem because we have other positions. Explore our heavy-duty truck repair technician jobs if you love hands-on work.

Join a vibrant community of like-minded professionals who pull together to deliver operational excellence. Our supportive culture encourages collaboration and celebrates the achievements of every team member.

Live at the forefront of innovation with TEL. We equip our transportation management professionals with the latest technology, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring you stay ahead in this evolving sector.

Unlock a future of progress and purpose in any position at Transport Enterprise Leasing.


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TEL is an Equal Opportunity Employer