TEL Commercial Trailer Leasing for Private Fleets

We make it easy to assemble a fleet of high-quality, trackable trailers that meets your shipping demands.


New High-Quality, Trackable Trailers

Easy Leasing and Timely Delivery

Trailers Ready for Your Branding

Reduce Debt and Capital Expenditures
with TEL Trailer Leasing

THE PROBLEM FLEET OWNERS FACE – New trailers are expensive and create financial pressure on the business.
Free up capital for other core-competency areas of your business.

Companies choose to operate a private trailer fleet so they can gain more control and lower the shipping costs. But there are also downsides to owning a private trailer fleet. Spending large capital outlays on trailers takes money away from areas of the business where it could have made a greater impact. Financing trailers means adding debt, interest, risk, and more work (in the form of all the activity it takes to purge end-of-life equipment you own).

TEL Trailer Leasing offers a stronger financial model for private fleet operators.

When you lease your trailers from TEL Trailer Leasing, you’ll save money and protect cash flow by eliminating the down payments, high interest rates, and large capital expenses that come from new trailer purchases.

Compared to buying trailers, TEL Trailer Leasing provides greater flexibility to scale your fleet up or down with market conditions and flattens the peaks in fluctuating equipment prices.

TEL Trailer Leasing offers a stress-free process for turning in end-of-life equipment and protects you from the headaches of marketing and selling your used equipment or the loss in value associated with trade-ins.

Discover the benefits of expanding your fleet with cutting-edge commercial trailer leasing options from Transport Enterprise Leasing. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means you get flexible lease terms, best-in-class trailers, and 24/7 support for your growing business. Whether you need flatbeds for construction or reefers for perishable goods, our wide range of trailers are meticulously maintained and ready to roll.

With decades of industry experience, we understand that no two businesses are alike. That’s why we tailor our trailer leasing solutions to fit your specific operational needs. Say goodbye to long-term commitments that don’t adapt to your growth. Take the first step toward unparalleled efficiency and service reliability. Visit our commercial trailer leasing hub today and revitalize your operations with the best in the business. Transform your fleet. Transform your business. Let Transport Enterprise Leasing be your strategic partner on the open road.

Get the Trailers You Need When You Need Them
with TEL Trailer Leasing

THE PROBLEM FLEET OWNERS FACE – New trailers are hard to find and can take up to a year to be delivered.
Fluctuations in trailer availability and time to delivery can wreak havoc on private fleet operators.

Companies that operate a private trailer fleet may have never imagined a situation where it could take a year to get new trailers delivered. But that’s exactly what happened. Even when these conditions ease, companies must now realize that it’s a situation that could return at any time. Fleet owners can’t risk having unpredictability in their ability to deliver goods to the market.

TEL Trailer Leasing offers reliable availability and faster delivery of new trailers.

When you lease your trailers from Transport Enterprise Leasing, you’ll benefit from our high-volume business and advanced equipment procurement strategy. We have new trailers available today and are a reliable source for trucks and trailers even in times of extreme shortages.

Our customers receive trailers quickly. When you partner with TEL Trailer Leasing you’ll be able to move your freight, deliver on time, and keep your drivers, carriers, and customers happy.

Gain a Trailer Leasing Partner that Delivers More Value with TEL Trailer Leasing

THE PROBLEM FLEET OWNERS FACE – There aren't enough partners you can count on to treat you fairly.
When your trailer leasing partner makes it harder, not easier, to work with them it gets old pretty quickly.

Good relationships aren’t one-sided. Good relationships need to be “win-win.” When you have to make compromise after compromise to continue buying from a vendor, it makes you start wondering what other options are out there.

TEL Trailer Leasing offers industry-leading service and flexibility.

TEL has stripped all of the friction points out of trailer leasing to deliver industry-leading service and exceptional partnership. When you lease a trailer from TEL, it is as close to ownership as you can get. You put your brand on it, run it, maintain it, and treat it as if it were “yours” until the lease is up.

We want our customers to feel like they have a trusted partner that cares as much about their success as we do our own. For that reason, we’ve removed the unnecessary obstacles and headaches out of trailer leasing. With TEL Trailer Leasing you get a flat rate with NO variable charges. Quality trailers. No surprises.

Get New Trailers and Leave the Headaches Behind
with TEL Trailer Leasing

THE PROBLEM FLEET OWNERS FACE – Older trailers that cause downtime and require expensive repairs. Dealing with old equipment creates headaches from downtime, delays, and unexpected repair costs.

Older trailers can be unreliable, and cause problems that could have been avoided. But private fleet operators can easily get stuck in “reactive mode,” waiting until equipment breaks to source a replacement. Or they may have older trailers in their fleet that they can’t replace because of supply and delivery challenges.

TEL Trailer Leasing offers new or like-new trailers that deliver excellent performance and value.

When you lease from TEL Commercial Trailer Leasing, you’ll get new or like-new equipment. Most of our leases are brand new trailers, but when we lease used equipment, it goes through stringent inspections and our industry-leading reconditioning process.

We care about our customers, so we make it our mission to help private fleet operators streamline operations with high quality trailers, more uptime, and fewer delays.

Be Informed and Feel Confident Before You Add More Equipment to Your Fleet​

How you can get started with TEL Trailer Leasing:



we meet and talk about your business needs



we present a plan that delivers the right solutions and value



improve your trailer fleet and grow your business

Be Informed and Feel Confident Before You Add More Equipment to Your Fleet

How you can get started with TEL Trailer Leasing:



we meet and talk about your business needs



we present a plan that delivers the right solutions and value



improve your trailer fleet and grow your business

We help fleet owners and managers avoid headaches and achieve greater success

We’ve analyzed years of data and brought in top transportation industry talent to create a Trailer Leasing program that solves the greatest challenges private fleet operators face.

Achieve greater success:

Avoid the headaches and struggles:

TEL Reviews from Owner-Operators

TEL Trailer Leasing is the easiest way to build and operate a high-quality trailer fleet.

Love reading reviews as much as we do?

We lease top quality trailers for a flat rate, so you have fewer headaches.

At TEL Trailer Leasing, we know you want to be the hero in your company that ensures your products are delivered and your customers stay happy. In order to do that, you need a high-quality, well-maintained, trackable fleet of trailers that meets shipping demands. But the problem is, new trailers are hard to find, expensive, and in the current market can take up to a year to be delivered. Which means you probably feel frustrated, stuck, and maybe even responsible for shipping problems that are affecting your company.

It’s crazy to think that a company’s trailer fleet can make or break the financial success of the brand – but it’s real. Companies that do everything else right – create great products that generate demand in the market and produce goods to meet the demand – still fail to capitalize when they don’t have the trailer fleet to deliver their products. Transportation seems like it should run seamlessly, but in reality, it’s the thorn that causes constant pain and irritation.

At TEL, we’ve worked for the big brands and have seen the problems and headaches that shipping creates first-hand. Which is why we started the TEL Trailer Leasing program for private fleets. We make it easy for companies to source a fleet of top-quality, trackable trailers and keep them in top condition.

TEL Trailer Leasing solves the biggest problems in shipping by offering reliable access to new trailers, faster delivery dates, and a partner you can count on to treat you fairly and get results. We deliver our service for a flat monthly rate. No variable charges. No surprises. Always top-quality trailers when you need them.
To get started, just 1) schedule a discovery call to talk about your current shipping challenges, 2) we’ll present a plan that delivers the right solutions and value, and 3) we’ll deliver your fleet of trailers when you need them so you can improve your fleet and grow your business.
So, schedule a discovery call with our trailer leasing team now. Put an end to the frustration and problems your trailer fleet creates, and instead get the trailers you need to deliver your freight and keep customers happy.