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Real reviews from happy customers are the fuel that keeps our engines running.
At TEL, we are committed to providing the absolute best programs and support in the transportation industry and we won’t accept anything less. Neither should you.

Good communication and follow through with any questions and concerns one might have.

Jorge Gutierrez

TEL is the best leasing program out here. They give you a lot of options with your truck. If you have problems with payments they help you with different options. If you’re not happy with the company that you’re leasing through you can take your lease with you to another company that they’re affiliated with.

Ulundia Preston

TEL is the reason I’m a successful owner. Thank you for all the opportunities you opened the door for. They give you all the tools and guidance needed for success!

John Nickerson

TEL Reviews from Fleet Operators

TEL Lease Purchase is the easiest way to become a successful owner-operator.

TEL Reviews from Fleet Operators

TEL Fleet Leasing is the easiest way to build a successful transportation business.

TEL Reviews from Truck Dealers

TEL Equipment Sales is the easiest way to build a successful transportation equipment dealership.

Do you aspire to build a successful business?
We will help.

At TEL, we know you want to build a business that is growing, profitable, and recognized as one of the best. In order to do that you need high quality trucks and people who can help with your business. But the problem is, it seems like every truck comes with a downside – the price is too high, the truck is too old, or the financing is a trap – and nobody else cares about your business like you do. You probably feel frustrated, hopeless, and alone.

It’s not fair that hardworking people in the trucking industry who dream of a better life are held back by bad equipment and a lack of support. We believe everyone who has big dreams should be given the opportunity to work hard and achieve them.

Which is why we started TEL. We created the first complete program to help the next generation of transportation entrepreneurs build successful businesses and achieve their dreams – we call it TEL 360.

No matter what your dreams are made of – a company driver dreaming of buying your first truck, a fleet owner dreaming of going from 50 pieces of equipment to 100, or a truck dealer dreaming of higher volume and profits – TEL offers the high-quality trucks and total support you need to make those dreams come true.

We’ve bought and sold thousands of pieces of equipment and have helped thousands of business owners become more successful.

Getting started with TEL is simple, just 1) choose a program (lease purchase, fleet leasing, equipment sales), 2) meet with an advisor, and 3) stop dreaming and start growing.

Go ahead and call us at (423) 214-3910. We’ll help you end your frustration with poor quality equipment, high costs, and predatory leasing, and instead help you get great equipment and support from a complete team dedicated to your success.