The TEL360 Advantage:

For all your trucking and trailer needs, we've got you covered.

At Transportation Enterprise Leasing (TEL), first-time customers often ask us a simple question: "What is the TEL360 Advantage?"

Simply put, it's our promise to serve the full spectrum of our customers' needs, 360 degrees – bringing them a continuous advantage from every perspective.

As the premier provider of commercial truck and trailer leasing, purchase and remarketing solutions, and equipment sales we offer you:

  • A one-stop source for equipment, services, financing, maintenance, and support.
  • Key benefits you won’t find anywhere else in the transportation industry.
  • People who truly understand how your business works and how to help you succeed.

Described here are some key advantages valued by our customers, who rely on us for fleet leasing, trailer leasing, lease purchase solutions and equipment sales.

Fleet Leasing

“The TEL 360 Advantage assures customers that they have one place that can manage all their trucking and transportation needs, from financing to liquidation on the back end,” explains Jacob Brazier, vice president of fleet leasing for TEL. “All bundled with services over the road, from the front end to the back end of the equipment lifecycle. This holds true not only for fleet leasing but also for all our business services.”

Let’s compare TEL’s end-to-end capability with how the process typically works for fleet owners and managers purchasing a vehicle. In the usual cycle, you find a vehicle of interest and negotiate a price. Next, the manufacturer or bank provides financing, so you negotiate for the best rate. You may wait another two to three months to bring the vehicle into a service position on your fleet. Then, you have to maintain and manage the vehicle. At a certain point, say four years or 500,000 miles later, it’s time to dispose of the vehicle, so you have to sell it at auction, on the open market or back to the dealer as a trade.

Peterbilt 529

At TEL, we handle all those steps in-house, saving you time and effort. We operate a streamlined financing process ensuring you get the best deal. With newer trucks from TEL, you will have the backing of a full factory warranty. To complement this 24/7 365 priority at our vast nation-wide network of service providers, giving you piece of mind. At the end of your lease, you experience a streamlined process that gives you options.

Other measurable benefits for fleet leasing customers include:

  • Improved uptime,
  • Better fuel economy, and
  • Decreased maintenance costs.

One of the many ways we meet this goal is by offering shorter terms than other industry providers – 24- to 33-month, as opposed to 48- to 72-month leases. A shorter trade cycle keeps the age of your equipment lower, which reduces downtime and maintenance expenses. It also increases fuel economy and cash flow for your business.

Plus, we personalize every deal to meet your unique business requirements and to forge a long-term partnership with you.

Bottom line: TEL’s end-to-end solutions for fleet leasing customers offer greater value than more expensive, complicated options available through other providers.

Trailer Leasing

“Nobody else in the industry can provide the comprehensive solutions we can, serving companies, ranging from for-hire carriers to private fleets to large trucking companies,” notes Brandon Lairsen, vice president of trailer leasing for TEL. “From a trailer leasing perspective, customers can partner with one company, TEL, to get trailers and drivers. If you need a tractor, we can sell or lease that, too. It’s a tremendous value-add that saves time for decision-makers.”

Connecting transportation companies with the vetted, professional drivers they need is just one example of the TEL360 Advantage for customers, including those using our trailer leasing solutions. Many companies that come to us for trailer leasing tell us that – in the midst of the nationwide shortage – they’re in dire need of drivers and are spending significant money on recruitment.

Another TEL360 Advantage is our commitment to a transparent and frictionless customer experience. For example, other companies charge trailer leasing customers a monthly rate plus variable charges, such as cost-per-mile and wear and tear on tires and brakes. By the end of the lease term, customers can end up paying thousands of additional dollars.

At TEL, we’ve eliminated potential speedbumps for customers in trailer leasing, because we feel variable charges are unnecessary, so we don’t ask customers to pay them. After all, we lease brand new dry vans, reefers and flatbed trailers that will require no more than routine maintenance and inspections for the first five or so years. Having no variable charges is just one part of the TEL360 Advantage that helps achieve success for your business.

Lease Purchase

“The TEL360 Advantage for lease purchase customers includes access to new equipment, transparent lease terms, and a clear path to success,” says Marc Schmidt, vice president of TEL’s lease purchase division. “Many customers are independent contractors, and TEL’s business advisors provide coaching on things like structuring business expenses, so they can maximize uptime and revenue. Other companies do not offer business advising, or the maintenance and support that we do.”

Lease purchase options available through TEL put new equipment within financial reach of independent contractors. The equipment is still covered under factory warranty, and it is less expensive to operate than older models. And, like a professional athlete at peak performance, the equipment is still in its prime at the end of the lease with often times factory warrantee remaining. That’s because our lease terms are set between 24 to 33 months compared with the industry average of four to five years.

We keep our lease purchase agreements clear and concise, eliminating potential surprises. Unlike agreements required by many other providers, which can be as long as 60 pages and heavily laden with legal terms, our fair market value (FMV) lease agreement is only seven pages. We walk you through the terms to make sure you thoroughly understand what you are signing.

After signing a lease with TEL, our lease-purchase customers receive a full onboarding with our advisors that provides consulting and an opportunity to address any questions or concerns once their equipment goes to service. Taking delivery of a new truck for an independent contractor is a joyful experience that gives us at TEL the chance to celebrate with our new lease partner.

So, what happens at the end of the term if you’re a lease purchase customer? You have two options, both advantageous. You can:

  • Purchase the vehicle you’ve come to know and trust by financing through your bank, another lender or TEL, or
  • Return the truck for TEL to sell on the open market while upgrading into the newest model – and earn a sizeable check by sharing in the trade equity from the sale of your leased vehicle.

The second option is a unique benefit offered as part of the TEL360 Advantage. You can earn up to $10,000 to $30,000 from the sale of newer commercial trucks still covered under warranty. At TEL it our programs are designed around YOUR success. We are invested in you because when you succeed we succeed.

Equipment Sales

“Freight is a tough world, and transportation businesses can have super thin margins,” says David Bellner, director of truck sales for TEL. “We pretty much carry all makes and all mileage bands of used trucks, reconditioned above and beyond by our own DOT certified maintenance teams. This way, we can provide the best-quality used trucks to meet the needs of every customer, whether you’re an owner-operator, fleet manager, or a wholesale purchaser for a used truck dealer.”

For example, let’s say you’re an owner-operator, close to retirement in a few years. We’ll work with you to provide a truck that is well within your means, will make you a profit over the next few years and will generate additional income when it’s re-sold later.

Now, let’s say you’re mid-career and looking to expand from two trucks to 10 or more. We’ll work with you to provide newer equipment that lasts for a longer term, ensuring your maintenance costs and downtime is minimal as you continue to grow.

As in all aspects of our customer experience, if you’re buying a used truck from us, we’ll work closely with you to truly understand your business. Our customer focus is built on loyalty, integrity, and innovation, with the goal of providing you affordable and higher quality equipment that fits your business model and meets your hauling needs.

Our consultative approach to equipment sales ensures our customers receive maximum value through the TEL360 Advantage.

Also unique to TEL is the variety and mileage of equipment we offer. While most dealers focus on just one make, we provide customers a choice of many brands, including Volvo, Kenworth, Peterbilt and Freightliner, with vehicles ranging from 0–100,000 miles (like-new) to 500,000 miles. Plus, we manage our own maintenance facilities where the equipment is reconditioned and completely repaired to DOT standards so you can hit the road quickly, with confidence.

So much more...

Whether you’re an owner-operator, aspiring to be one, run a small fleet, manage a large fleet, or are a dealer looking to purchase from us wholesale, the TEL360 Advantage is simply summarized: we have all your commercial truck and trailer needs covered, coast-to-coast.