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We help fleet operators seize control of truck maintenance, minimizing costs and downtime…
keeping trucks on the road.

Priority Treatment at Any OEM Shop

National Discounts on Parts and Labor

Detailed Reviews of Every Estimate

Get a Complete Team of Support Professionals
with TEL Fleet Support

THE PROBLEM FLEET OWNERS FACE – Employees distracted with work that doesn’t make money.
Fleet operators need their owners and employees focused on operations and revenue, not distractions.

Fleet operators simply don’t have the manpower on payroll to proactively manage every aspect of fleet maintenance. Not when there are bigger priorities. Your employees need their time to be directed toward operations and making money. The constant distraction of communicating with dealers, responding to emails, calls, and texts about every little issue, eats up valuable work time and prevents you from getting ahead.

TEL Fleet Support professionals work autonomously on your behalf, saving you from distraction.

It takes time and expertise to review estimates, manage fleet maintenance, and prevent costly issues, which is why TEL Fleet Support has a team of trained specialists who know exactly what to look for and how to handle each situation.

When you work with TEL Fleet Support, you’ll rescue your employees from the stress and frustration that comes from distractions and interruptions to their top priorities.

Get Your Trucks Serviced Quickly and Back on the Road with TEL Fleet Support

THE PROBLEM FLEET OWNERS FACE – Losing money on excessive downtimes.
Fleet operators are often unaware of how much money they are losing while trucks are in the shop.

Relationships go a long way in the transportation industry, and when you deal with shops you don’t have an established relationship with, it can mean you miss out on priority treatment and faster service. When it takes too long to get your trucks in and out of shops, you lose utilization, you lose revenue, and you can even lose drivers.

TEL Fleet Support has built partnerships with OEM and 3rd party shops across the country.

When your truck is in a shop, you just want to feel like getting it back on the road is someone’s top priority. That’s exactly what you get from TEL Fleet Leasing. We provide 24×7 dedicated fleet advocates to take point on all communications and proactively facilitate all service for your trucks.

When you work with TEL Fleet Support, you’ll get trucks in and out of shops quickly and minimize the money lost to excessive downtimes. We do fleet support better, cheaper, and with no worries. And it’s worth a mention that you won’t have to worry about those 2:00 a.m. truck repair phone calls anymore.

Get Nationwide Discounts on Parts and Labor
with TEL Fleet Support

THE PROBLEM FLEET OWNERS FACE – Higher than necessary repair bills.
Fleet operators often approve services they didn’t need and pay premium prices for parts.

For most fleet operators, the reality is that employees are extremely busy, and it’s unlikely much review or scrutiny goes into approving estimates from repair shops. It’s easier to just approve the estimate, get the work done, pay the bill, and move on. But paying for services sooner than they are needed or not needed at all drives up operating costs of the business and cuts into profits.

TEL Fleet Support provides specialists to review estimates and prevent unnecessary repairs.

Reviewing estimates must be done by someone who knows exactly what to look for, understands warranty qualifications, and has a complete understanding of costs. TEL Fleet Support utilizes years of data we’ve collected to provide specialized training for our fleet support specialists. We ensure that truck maintenance costs are always controlled through proactive management.

When you work with TEL Fleet Support, you’ll get a detailed review of every estimate, plus you’ll get nationwide parts discounts and negotiated labor rates to save money and protect profits.

Be Informed and Feel Confident Before You Approve Another Repair Estimate

How you can get started with TEL Fleet Support:​



Your Equipment List



An onboarding



Time and money on truck maintenance

Be Informed and Feel Confident Before You Approve Another Repair Estimate

How you can get started with TEL Trailer Leasing:



Your Equipment List



An onboarding call



Time and money on truck maintenance

We help trucking companies avoid headaches and achieve greater success.

We’ve analyzed years of data and brought in top transportation industry talent to create a Fleet Support program that solves the greatest challenges trucking companies face when they’re trying to control fleet maintenance costs.

Achieve greater success:

Avoid the headaches and struggles:

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At TEL, we are committed to providing the absolute best programs and support in the transportation industry and we won’t accept anything less. Neither should you.

TEL is the best leasing program out here. They give you a lot of options with your truck. If you have problems with payments they help you with different options. If you’re not happy with the company that you’re leasing through you can take your lease with you to another company that they’re affiliated with.

Ulundia Preston

TEL is the reason I’m a successful owner. Thank you for all the opportunities you opened the door for. They give you all the tools and guidance needed for success!

John Nickerson

Good communication and follow through with any questions and concerns one might have.

Jorge Gutierrez

Love reading reviews as much as we do?

5 Stars

We help trucking companies build sophisticated, profitable businesses.

At TEL Fleet Support, we know you want to run a tightly managed and profitable trucking business. In order to do that you need to be in complete control of truck maintenance costs and downtime. The problem is you’re not in control – you’re at the mercy of all the parts and maintenance suppliers you work with. Which means you are losing a ton of money on truck maintenance – more than you realize. Every time a repair shop takes longer than they should, you lose money. Every time you approve a service estimate that has services you really didn’t need, you lose money. Every time you pay a premium for parts you could have gotten for less, you lose money.

Losing money is incredibly frustrating. But when you’re working 10-15 hours a day, you can’t take the time to babysit every maintenance visit, every service performed, and every part ordered for every truck in your fleet. So, even if you’re aware you’re losing money, you don’t have time to do anything about it. Until now.

At TEL, we understand the stress and frustration trucking companies deal with trying to manage maintenance and protect their profits. Which is why we started the TEL Fleet Support Program. We have a fully staffed fleet support team trained to save you money on truck maintenance and get your trucks back on the road faster.

Here’s how to save time and money with the TEL Fleet Support Program: 1) SEND us your equipment list, 2) SCHEDULE an onboarding call, and 3) SAVE time and money on truck maintenance.

Take the next step by submitting your equipment list, and if you have more questions be sure to book a meeting with a TEL Fleet Support Specialist to get answers.

Stop losing money and slowing your company’s growth. Instead, let TEL Fleet Support start saving you money and protecting your profits. This program is a no-brainer. It will pay for itself.