Sheri Aaberg

Chief Operating Officer

Sheri Aaberg joined TEL in 2014 with a wealth of industry experience and a goal of improving operational efficiency throughout the organization. Sheri leads TEL’s operations, corporate development, continuous improvement, employee development, and succession planning initiatives.

A personal goal to elevate the business from top to bottom

Sheri sees a direct connection between talent development and business growth. In her words, “To elevate the quantity of our service, we must elevate the quality of our people.” Highly trained and highly professional people are better prepared to offer the type of industry-leading customer service TEL promises to deliver. She also sees a direct connection between operational efficiency and employee satisfaction. Sheri strives to give TEL employees good training, tools for growth, and an environment where they can thrive.

At TEL, Sheri believes she can improve the lives of both TEL customers and employees. Truck drivers and transportation professionals need services that are packed with value so they can get ahead, not predatory leases and financing deals that hold them back. By offering industry-leading lease purchase, fleet leasing, equipment sales, and truck maintenance programs, TEL customers get the value they deserve, and TEL employees feel proud of the support they provide.

Sheri Aaberg background and personal notes:

Sheri earned a degree in Accounting and Finance from Regis University and has built a successful career over the last 24+ years in truck and trailer financing leadership. She has two daughters and two grandchildren, and enjoys showing horses through the National Reining Horse Association.