Doug Carmichael

Chief Executive Officer

Doug Carmichael co-founded TEL in 2004 and serves as the company’s CEO, leading the executive team to establish key company initiatives and ensure the next level of managers are aligned in accomplishing the company’s mission. Doug focuses on reviewing each area of the business to assess performance and look for ways to innovate.

A personal expectation to deliver industry-leading quality and service

Since founding TEL in 2004, Doug has been on a mission to create a brand known for outstanding quality and customer service, alongside names like Chick-fil-A and Discount Tire. The company’s first 10 years were critical for testing the business model, establishing credibility, and finding the right fit in the industry. In recent years the company has added more structure and developed a team of high-quality professionals to support and enable rapid growth.

As Doug looks to the future, he sees an amazing opportunity for TEL to become entrenched as the gold standard in the industry. He believes that the close relationship they have with customers gives them a high level of empathy and an understanding of exactly where customers have the greatest needs. TEL is uniquely positioned to listen to the customer and offer more value at a great price.

Doug Carmichael background and personal notes:

Doug served 7 years in the United States Army. His business roots are embedded in the trucking industry where he started in the 1980’s as an owner-operator and grew to a 50-truck fleet prior to entering the truck and trailer sales arena. He is married with four grown children and six grandchildren.