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Value Proposition

TEL’s Fleet Leasing Program drives value to customers by increasing customer cash flow through competitive lease payments, decreased downtime, and reduced maintenance costs. Leasing with TEL allows customers to quickly reduce their average fleet age via new and used truck and trailer lease options—with lease terms matched to industry-leading factory warranties. Also with TEL, customers have a partner to assist in fleet management. Our informed consulting expertise covers acquisitions, warranties, maintenance management, and liquidation. As industry experts in equipment acquisition, maintenance, and equipment sales, TEL has the know-how to help fleet owners make the best decisions on their next truck, dry van, reefer, or flatbed acquisition.

With TEL’s buying power, you have the same leverage as top fleets across the nation. Working with TEL provides you with a partner to reduce downtime and verify warranty claims through industry knowledge that can maximize the efficiency of your fleets’ equipment and the success of your business. As industry experts, with decades of developed industry experience in equipment acquisition—from buying to selling new and used equipment—TEL has the information to help fleet owners make their best decisions.

Benefits of Fleet Leasing Commercial Trucks

Leasing vs Buying

Whether you decide to lease or buy the equipment in your fleet will depend on your business’ goals. For most businesses, leasing is a more economical option than purchasing.

On one hand, leasing allows for minimal to no upfront payment as well as monthly payments that are more beneficial to a growing business. This leaves money in the bank for other important expenses, for example, insurance, repairs, fuel, etc. Another thing to consider is that leasing a truck is frequently a shorter commitment. At TEL, most truck leases last for an average of three years. Finally, when the lease term ends, TEL offers these options: buyout the truck, upgrade to a newer vehicle, or simply walk away.

On the other hand, buying a truck requires a major up-front cash investment. In general, buying requires a much larger initial down payment along with all other expenses related to the vehicles. For instance, other expenses include interest, registration, insurance, maintenance, fuel, repairs, etc. Overall, if you want to buy a truck, make one list of what you need and a separate list of what you want.

Separating your negotiables from your non-negotiables will make the process of getting into your own truck more streamlined.

Pros of Fleet Leasing Semi-Trucks

  1. Cost Leasing a truck leads to better cash flow while also allowing more flexibility for your business. Not only will you be getting a great value for the truck itself, but you will get an amazing team of individuals dedicated to your success! Overall, with the increased cash flow that your fleet business will be experiencing, leasing will save you money with lower monthly payments.
  2. Length of the Lease In most cases, a leasing partner or company can help you find major discounts and incentives for vehicles. With a manageable lease term, you are in full control of your fleet. We work with you to create a lease structure that works best for your business.
  3. Warranty Management At TEL, we take all the guess work out of your warranty management. We build your warranty to fit your trade cycle. This means that you only pay for what you need; no more, no less. Also, if you need us to manage your warranty claims for you, we help you throughout the process. Finally, we take all the payment anxiety out of our fleet leasing options, so your financial success is our top priority.
  4. Maintenance If you lease a truck, TEL will help you manage the maintenance of your vehicle. Typically, costs will be lower thanks to our partnerships and the access you will have to our national buying power. Also, with our extensive warranty coverage, we help you manage your warranty claims if an issue ever came up with your truck. Plus, leasing a newer vehicle comes with less maintenance and repairs than older ones. To top it all off, when you lease with TEL, you leverage our nationwide buying power which leads to more efficient turnaround times, and time is money.
  5. Fuel savings Whether you buy or lease your fleet, there are fuel management programs that help you save money on fuel. In fact, Automotive Fleet says that fuel accounts for “60% of a company’s total fleet operating budget.” When you have a company like TEL by your side – with our top-tier fuel partnerships across the nation – you can rest assured that you are getting the best deal.
  6. Up-to-date vehicles At the end of a leasing term, your truck leasing company will allow you the option to either return, upgrade, or purchase the vehicle. This provides you with the opportunity to ensure your vehicles are up to date. Leasing a truck allows you the opportunity to manage a fleet of up-to-date vehicles. Plus, with our improved trade cycles, your fleet will continue running with the latest equipment thereby reducing your maintenance expenditures.

HOW TO Lease a Fleet of Trucks

  • Select a fleet leasing serviceFirst, you need to select a fleet leasing service. When deciding which leasing service to use, look into their services offered, reputation, and available vehicles.
  • Figure out what your business needsOnce you’ve decided on a fleet leasing service, figure out exactly what you need in your fleet. In most cases, a fleet expert from your leasing partner can help you identify exactly what your business needs. The needs of each fleet differ from business to business.
  • Choose the vehiclesNow that you know what your business needs in a fleet, you must choose the vehicles that will fit those needs. TEL offers a variety of new and pre-owned manufactured trucks. Finding the trucks that fit your business’s utility and economic needs will be a breeze with one of our industry experts.
  • Additional servicesIn short, fleet services are what leasing companies offer for your fleet. Usually, fleet leasing companies will try to sell you many useless services at high prices. However, when you lease with TEL, we tailor the lease to your needs. For instance, our maintenance experts are here for you 24/7 to offer you best practices, quick fixes, and consistent advise to make sure your equipment is running smoothly. Also, our nationwide partnerships get you the best price no matter where you are. So, make sure to explore your options and choose your fleet services wisely.
  • Create and sign the contractAfter going over your order details with your Fleet Leasing sales representative, you should have a better idea of the timeline needed to fulfill your order. Once the equipment arrives (or if it's already on the ground), your sale rep will let you know when its time to complete your lease agreement and get your equipment in service.
  • Maintain your fleetBe sure to take full advantage of TEL’s industry-leading maintenance team that is here for you 24/7. Usually, a well-maintained truck needs fewer repairs, which means fewer expenses.
  • Update your fleet at the right timeFinally, keep your fleet up to date. Since you are leasing the trucks, you aren’t tied to the vehicle. So, as your company’s needs change and the vehicles age, make sure to update your fleet as needed. Give us a call when you’re ready for the latest and greatest.

Why TEL?

TEL’s Fleet Leasing Program drives value to customers by:

  • Increasing customer cash flow through competitive lease payments.
  • Decreasing downtime
  • Reducing maintenance costs

In general, leasing with TEL allows customers to quickly reduce their average fleet age via new and used lease options. Plus, lease terms align with industry leading factory warranties. In addition, customers have a partner to assist in fleet management. Also, our informed consulting expertise covers:

  • Acquisitions
  • Warranties
  • Maintenance management
  • Liquidation

As industry experts in equipment acquisition, maintenance, and remarketing, TEL has the know-how to help fleet owners make the best decisions for their business. More specifically, we offer truck, dry van, reefer, or flatbed acquisitions.

By having access to TEL’s buying power, you have the same leverage as top fleets across the nation. Through industry knowledge, TEL provides you with a partner to reduce downtime, verify warranty claims, and maximize the efficiency of your fleets’ equipment. Whether the equipment is new or used, our decades of equipment acquisition experience allow us to help fleet owners make their best decisions.

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