The Ultimate Guide to the Peterbilt 579 Truck and Why it is One of the Best Trucks Available

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What is the Peterbilt 579?

In general, the Peterbilt 579 is at the top of its class. Further, it sets the standard for fuel efficiency, driver comfort, and technology. As a result, the 579 model continues to pave the way in the trucking industry. Plus, the Peterbilt 579 is one of the best trucks on the market because it has a lot of features that make it stand out. Finally, the truck not only has a powerful engine. But it also has a lot of storage space and is designed to be comfortable for long-term driving.

Aerodynamics and Fuel Economy

To start, the Peterbilt 579 improves your bottom line and fuel efficiency through the most advanced aerodynamic packages and features. Also, for maximum aerodynamic performance, the Peterbilt 579 has a new bumper and hood design. Finally, to maintain ground clearance and improve aerodynamics, this truck has a new air dam below the bumper.


Further, the Model 579 has new lane-keeping assist technology in addition to existing advanced driver assistance systems. As a result, this technology uses information from the collision mitigation system. Thus, an electric motor on top of the steering column inside the cab helps keep the driver in their lane. This placement protects the technology from the elements.


In general, the comfort within the Peterbilt 579 is top of its class. To explain, the driver-friendly interior provides special touches that make it feel like home. For example, it has 70 cubic feet of storage, 8 feet of headroom, and the largest mattress in the industry. Finally, the roomy sleeper can also be a comfy, convenient office space.

Digital Display

Along with many other new additions and features, the Peterbilt 579 also has an all-new digital dash display. For instance, it now has the following: class-leading functionality, bold design, and state-of-the-art technology. In addition to that, the digital display is now 15”, which is the largest in the industry. Further, there are now easy-to-use features, intelligent gauge monitoring, and customizable gauges.

PACCAR Powertrain

Since the Peterbilt 579 has a PACCAR Powertrain, it is more efficient with more uptime. In other words, this type of powertrain maximizes your payload capacity and miles on the road with a single integrated solution. Finally, every component from the 40K Tandem Axle and 12-Speed Automated Transmission to the durable PACCAR MX Engines is made to work together seamlessly.

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