Marc Schmidt

Vice President, Lease Purchase

Marc Schmidt joined TEL in 2021 as Vice President of the Lease Purchase Division. He focuses on managing carrier relationships, along with growing TEL’s lease portfolio and offerings as the premier Lease Purchase program in the U.S.A.

A personal goal to deliver incredible value for owner-operators

Marc sees the opportunity at TEL to truly deliver on the “three party win” philosophy he picked up from TEL CEO, Doug Carmichael. In order for TEL to win, the owner-operators served by the Lease Purchase program must win, and the carriers that those owner-operators serve must also win. Marc believes this sweet spot is achieved by delivering incredible value to transportation entrepreneurs who enroll in the TEL Lease Purchase program so that they are equipped and enabled to deliver incredible value to the carriers.

At TEL, Marc seeks to provide an environment where entrepreneurs can attain their best chance for success, while providing consistent, predictable capacity for carriers.

Marc Schmidt background and personal notes:

Marc spent the prior 14 years working for a dealer-owned full-service leasing company, where the leasing program concentrated on Class 6 through 8 commercial trucks and semi-trailers.

Marc lives in Chattanooga with his family and is a graduate of Le Moyne College.