Lease Purchase

At TEL, we’re committed to providing you quality, professional treatment and state-of-the-art tractors from major manufacturers. In fact, we not only provide the equipment. But we also provide support and a professional staff to help you run your new small business! We do things differently. And that’s why more of our drivers succeed. Keep reading to learn more about the divisions at TEL.

Just as your customers depend on you as an owner-operator, we know that as our customer, you depend on us. Through our Startup Program, TEL will work very closely with you. In those first 8-12 weeks as an owner-operator, we can help you generate positive cashflow. We will set you on the right path. Because we know that with a strong start early on, you’ll greatly increase your chances of long-term success.

Thus, it is a big decision when considering a lease purchase program. And we’re thankful you’re interested in trusting us with your truck lease. Becoming an owner-operator is an exciting time in your career. But it is also one that carries a lot of responsibility. Further, driving professionally is a challenging career. As an owner-operator, you are your own boss. And you represent your own small business. In your lease, you will have the freedom to determine your success!

Therefore, you’re more likely to succeed with TEL than anywhere else:

  • Startup Program – sets you off on the right foot. It will get you started with everything you need to become a successful business owner.
  • Advising Team – is on call for you whenever you need them. Whether you have questions about finances, loads, your carrier, or scheduling, our team is here to help!
  • Maintenance Coordinators – make sure your money is going to the right place. By using our national buying power, we will get you the best price and manage your warranty claims for you. Also, we provide you with all the tools you need to maintain your truck.

So, let’s get started! Keep reading to learn more about our owner operator truck leasing divisions.