The TEL Experience: Client Testimonials

TEL gives you all the tools and guidance needed for success! You're the reason I’m a successful owner. Thank you for all the opportunities you opened the door for. John N.
If you have any problems they will work with you. They were always checking up on me. I enjoy my experience with TEL; I am on my second truck and this was my first time doing a lease. Keep up the great work guys! Kenneth M.
TEL works well with their customers to ensure a successful lease whether you want to keep your truck or get a new one at the end of your lease. TEL really does want you to complete the lease and will help you do so. Clifford C.
TEL gives opportunities to those who want to run a successful business in the transportation industry. It's very easy and simple to get started. I thought it would be a big hassle to get my own truck but in just 2 days we were owners of a brand new Automatic Volvo truck. Zhanna F.
They made the whole process easy, and the support was excellent. Why go anywhere else? Danielle C.
TEL gives driver's the opportunity to become their own boss. I was pleased with everything. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a great opportunity. Kevin W.